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Project Description

Smart specialization strategies have been used to build more effective innovation policies and support interregional cooperation. The Smart Specialization University Campus project aims at emphasizing the role of Universities in regional innovation policies, by providing specialist research and technical expertise in the field of energy sustainable buildings and by offering campuses as an hands-on lab where to implement these innovative solutions. Universities involved in the project can contribute to regional knowledge exchange and its translation into innovative energy products, solutions and public/private services.

The S3UNICA project is the natural follow up of the Pilot Project «Smart Campus» selected by DG REGIO under the call for expression of interest for «Thematic Partnerships to pilot interregional innovation projects», within the S3 Partnership on «Sustainable Buildings».

The main goal of the project is to capitalize the experience of «Smart Campus» project to improve the energy efficiency of University Campus buildings and infrastructures, promoting the symbiosis with regional territory and the development of innovative solutions throughout the value chain associated to energy saving and smart grid developments: a common methodology will be defined, using the new Energy Performance of Buildings directive and its Smart Readiness Indicator.

Being S3 an ex-ante conditionality to access Cohesion Policy funds, this project will contribute to the foreseen «entrepreneurial discovery» process to influence regional policy, starting from University achievements and involving all the quadruple helix actors: S3UNICA can count on the involvement S3P Partnership on Sustainable Buildings, which currently includes 45 public administrations and the participation of different stakeholders from the industrial sector and civil society.

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